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September 07, 2005

Gay Cops, Gay Cops, Whatcha Gonna Do ...


Thirdmanout1 Given that someone I know very well once had a – shall I say – "close encounter" with Chad Allen, the star of HereTV's "Third Man Out," I laughed extra hard at David Letterman's Top Ten List from last night: Top Ten Rejected Titles For The Gay Detective Show.

Dave and Paul were clearly completely unfamiliar with both Here TV and "Third Man Out."  Coincidentally, I just started watching HereTV a couple of nights ago (part of On Demand channel 1000 on Time Warner Cable in Manhattan), but I am a tightwad, so I'm focusing first on the free content, which unfortunately does not include "Third Man Out."

[Watch video – 2.8mb, 1:42, WMV format]

[Or follow this link to a text version of the Top Ten list]

By the way, here is a link to Dave's other gay-themed Top Ten Lists.