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April 23, 2006

How High's the Water, Mama?

Water_line Malbug_13I missed my flight yesterday to Andorra (via Barcelona with a three-hour drive), mainly because of the big rain storm yesterday that slowed traffic to a crawl, and the closure of the FDR for construction, which further locked the gridlock.

After finding a non-nonstop through Madrid and arriving five hours late, I thought a nice shower would be a good pick-me-up.

My hotel room's bathroom is pictured at right.  See anything wrong?  That's right, there is no barrier to keep the water in.  The hotel was so booked that I got the last room, which was specially made for disabled people.  By "specially," I mean "sadistic in a way that would make Dr. Mengele proud."

As I showered, the water began creeping farther and farther toward the bathroom door.  I was so afraid that it was going to spill out onto the hardwood floor and flood the people below me that my shower consisted roughly half of getting clean, and the other half of running back and forth to the "high-water line" (marked in red) and dragging the water with my foot, squeegee-like, back toward the drain.

All I could think of was some poor schmuck trying to do the same thing in a wheelchair.  Surely the Europeans are smart enough to have figured out how to be both handicapped-accessible while also not requiring, you know, flood insurance.

Back home tomorrow night.  I'm physically and emotionally spent for many reasons, some of which I'll go into soon enough, so I'll do the lame blogger cop-out and apologize for the "light posting."

April 19, 2006

"Andorra, I Adore-a," or "A 'Mo, Blogging"

Europe_guy Malbug_13Does anyone ever read that silly "Heads Up" thing on the right-hand column?  I used to update it, once upon a time, usually with my travel schedule.

I'd happily take suggestions on what to do with it: trash it, sell yet another ad, install a live webcam pointed at my crotch ...

Actually, it's the whole travel thing that I'm writing about now.  Tomorrow I am flying to Minnesota, where I will stay less than 24 hours but will get to see my family, who will come from their eerily Fargo-esque surroundings to join me for dinner.

I will get back just in time on Friday to leave on Saturday for Andorra, and arriving back in New York on Monday.

Now if someone could just please tell me where the hell Andorra is?