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October 22, 2005

Peter Loves Peter

  During the week, I happily stumbled across our local NBC news affiliate airing a special report on the recent homecoming court at Buffalo Grove high school:

The choice that students made, however, is attracting attention and causing controversy.

Davlantes said it may not shock people that a jock and a cheerleader were chosen as homecoming king and queen at Buffalo Grove High School, but what surprises some and concerns others is what's different about the two students and what it might say about their generation.

Jen Wohlner and Ryan Cooperman are popular leaders at the school. They're also openly gay, Davlantes said.

The video is worth a watch. Average, happy, smiling kids having an average, happy high school experience. Jen and Ryan's excitement is as heartwarming as a puppy.

Then the news report cut to Peter LaBarbera.

I hate Peter LaBarbera.

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August 28, 2005

Fry, Fred, Fry


That Fred Phelps still walks the Earth is the closest thing we have to proof that God does not exist.

August 24, 2005

Phelps: The King's a Queen


Fred Phelps is earning a few more credits at the Pat Robertson School of Charm.  [From AGR]

August 16, 2005

Is That Like a Hydrangea?

TinkerfredMalbug_13 365Gay reports: "The head of an Illinois group fighting same-sex marriage and partner benefits says he wonders if militant anti-gay preacher Fred Phelps is actually a gay plant."  The thesis of Illinois Family Institute Executive Director Peter LaBarbera is that Phelps' charged rhetoric ("God Hates Fags") and picketing of funerals do damage to those with "genuine Biblical views on social issues like homosexuality and abortion."

The story ignored what seems to be more credible, if baffling, evidence for such a theory.

It's nice to see an asshat like Phelps taken down a peg, and even nicer to watch the bigot brigade turn on each other.


Meanwhile, in other hate news, the WaPo took an in-depth look at the "ex-gay" movement yesterday.  The money quote comes all the way at the end from psychiatrist Jack Drescher:

"There are probably a small number of people with some flexibility in their sexual identity who can change.  Out of the hundreds of gay men I've treated, I've had one."