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March 24, 2006

Gay Games VII Tickets Go On Sale

Tomorrow at noon, to be exact. If you're planning on attending opening and closing ceremonies in Chicago at Soldier Field and Wrigley Park respectively, you can purchase those tickets here.

I'm still vacillating on what I want to do that week. Either there will be extensive coverage here on the Malcontent, or I'll forget about it entirely. Still, if there are enough readers in town for the events, perhaps a party or get together can be organized.

I always wondered how this summer's competition could possibly be any gayer than your typical Olympics shindig. Let's face it - Carson Kressley was watching the pageantry in Turino and thinking, "Wow, these fags are out of control." Given the picture in that article, I'm beginning to have an inkling.

March 23, 2006

It's Unanimous: She's Bonkers

Unanimous Reality television has always lent itself to archetypes, and never has a casting director's intentions been more transparent than in Fox's new reality competition, Unan1mous.

Set in a futuresque cellar fortress with shades of Big Brother and a nerdier Seth Green as host, Unan1mous pits houseguests against each other for the ultimate prize of $1.5 million. Winning the money has conditions, of course. The only way someone can grab it is to have every person in the house vote for them. Furthermore, any time a person quits before the winner is resolved, the prize money is halved. So not only do people have incentive to earn votes any way they can, they must also not upset other contestants to the point of leaving.

So naturally the producers crammed an antagonistic evangelical with an out-spoken gay activist in a claustrophic space. The fireworks come early and often, even if Kelly, our bible-quoting business woman, does magnanimously offer to pray for another contestant's testicles.

[Watch video – 3:36, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 3:36, WMV format, low bandwidth]

March 16, 2006

Chicago Newspaper Gives Pro-Family Groups The Finger

Sometimes, I adore my hometown. Especially the Chicago Sun-Times, the first paper I read every morning with my coffee. Today, the paper reported on the current war being waged by a conservative religious group to have the HIV travel ban reinstated before this summer's Gay Games.

A "pro-family" group wants the Bush administration to revoke its decision to allow HIV-positive foreigners to enter the country for the Gay Games in Chicago this summer.

Those quotes around pro-family? Love it. I love it because the very instant Peter LaBarbera and his ilk saw them, their faces lit purple as their blood boiled past the threshhold of apoplexy. For years, right-wing anti-gay groups have put the word "gay" in quotation marks as a petulant little snub against the validity of the homosexual "life-style."

Read the article. Note how the reporter and the paper can't even pretend to mask their contempt for out-of-stater LaBarbera and the values he's peddling.

I've noted it before, but Peter and the Illinois Family Institute are once again all atwitter at the idea that somewhere out there, two men are lubed and willing. Lesbians? Not in this article. Not in any article. LaBarbera has a laser beam focus on a bathhouse in Boystown:

"These bathhouses can be very dangerous when you invite HIV in with an exception. The doors are closed, and you don't know what's going on inside," LaBarbera said. "That shows there's much more going on than just playing softball. . . . They're celebrating homosexuality and the more unseemly aspects of it."

By bathhouses, he means Steamworks, in case anyone is wondering.

It's indicative to note that every controversy surrounding the Gay Games - every single one - has been perpetuated by LaBarbera and the IFI. Right-wing activists had to be imported because typical Chicagoans are generally a tolerant, accepting lot. Peter's antics have rapidly burned any sliver of goodwill people might have extended out of hospitality, to the point that our papers are now actively hostile towards his group and his "cause."

Time to pack up and move on, Peter. No one wants you here.

March 08, 2006

Town Revisits Gay Games with a Coot-Off

Though far Chicago suburb Crystal Lake originally rejected the Gay Games rowing event by a 2-2 vote, the vacationing commissioner returned and demanded a new vote with the intention of passing the resolution.

DiannburnsThe result? Not a happy community. Actually, let's put this in a little perspective. Partially not a happy community plus a cock . . . wait, no, a dick . . . that's not right . . . a Peter! Yes, a few outraged citizens plus Peter and crew.

What resulted was a packed park district meeting, a full-on presentation by Gay Games organizers, some old folks ranting, a gathering of out of town Illinois Family Institute proles stirring trouble, and a positive result for the games that was a foregone conclusion even though hordes of people ranted at one another for a time.

As it was the top story here in Chicago on our local newscasts, I managed to put together two reports to give different perspectives, speakers, and protesters involved in last night's victory for the games.

Diann - I don't care if it was your top story. You're still not forgiven.

[Watch video – 5:25, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 5:25, WMV format, low bandwidth]

March 03, 2006

Another Day In The Collar Counties

I'm a little surprised Gay Games '06 are still wandering around the area trying to secure sites for events that are only four months away. They've only had four years. Still, in light-purplish McHenry County, they don't hold truck with none of that there gay rowing.

Rowing Amid voices of support and opposition Thursday night, the Crystal Lake Park District board rejected a proposal to hold a controversial rowing competition in town that will be part of this summer's Gay Games in Chicago.

With one commissioner on vacation, the board voted 2-2 on allowing the rowing event to be held on the lake for which the city is named. The event needed three votes in favor to be approved.

Commissioner David Phelps, who joined Scott Breeden in opposition, said he believes that the Gay Games are more about politics than athletics. "I do not believe the Crystal Lake Park District should be a vehicle for the promotion of an agenda," he said.

Wonder what the guy on vacation thought.

Crystal Lake resident Scott Spencer told the Park Board that homosexuality is "contrary and detrimental" to traditional family values. Saying that view doesn't make him a bigot, he added: "Let me point out what my prejudice is toward: my wife, my children, my grandchildren and the sanctity of the home."

Whereupon gay activists raced to Mr. Spencer's house, broke down the front door, and proceeded to pleasure one another on his coffee table.

Let me just say, Diane Burns? You're going down. Hyping this story for the ten o'clock news all night long, making me stay up an extra two hours to record it, and then only offering a meaningless fifteen second blurb. I'm glad your crappy lil newscast is in third place. Glad!

February 14, 2006

A Pride Parade of Trolls

A GLBT gaming guild advertises in the online role-playing game World of Warcraft. An administrator working for the company, Blizzard, seems none too pleased by this development and threatens an account ban. An argument ensues. Both parties reach the PC solution:

The uproar has prompted Blizzard to officially apologise to Ms Andrews. It said that her comments should not have produced a warning.

In an e-mail to Ms Andrews, Thor Biafore, senior manager of Blizzard's customer service, said: "Please accept our apologies for the way our staff characterized your conduct, and rest assured that your account will not be penalized in any way for this occurrence."

I am not a happy guy. While an account ban is indeed far too heavy-handed a threat given the offense, I don't believe Blizzard was entirely at fault here. Here's why:

Many pointed out that Warcraft has a thriving community of gay players, or gaymers, and that it made no sense to censor talk about players' sexuality outside Azeroth.

Gay pride marches are known to have taken place in Warcraft and there are many other guilds in the game that are known to be friendly toward the gay community.

I hate to use a phrase frequently and fondly utilized by your typical anti-gay folk, but this is cramming the gay issue down my throat, and I'm a gay man. How is this humanly possible? I explain after the jump.

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January 29, 2006

I'm Going In!

Civiv I've had this on my desk since Christmas and haven't had a chance to get around to it. However, I've an entire Sunday I feel like destroying pointlessly, so it's getting installed.

Besides, where else can I live out my right-wing, crypto-fascist fantasies by spreading Christianity mercilessly and bringing the world of Islam to heel? I'd like all my favorite commenters to rest assured that I shall bring all cultures and civilizations not to my personal taste to the brink of extinction because my American Lighthouse of Alexandria will be uber in a way only ancient American wonders of the world can be.

For now, the Hanging Gardens of Detroit await. See you in about two months.

October 22, 2005

Peter Loves Peter

  During the week, I happily stumbled across our local NBC news affiliate airing a special report on the recent homecoming court at Buffalo Grove high school:

The choice that students made, however, is attracting attention and causing controversy.

Davlantes said it may not shock people that a jock and a cheerleader were chosen as homecoming king and queen at Buffalo Grove High School, but what surprises some and concerns others is what's different about the two students and what it might say about their generation.

Jen Wohlner and Ryan Cooperman are popular leaders at the school. They're also openly gay, Davlantes said.

The video is worth a watch. Average, happy, smiling kids having an average, happy high school experience. Jen and Ryan's excitement is as heartwarming as a puppy.

Then the news report cut to Peter LaBarbera.

I hate Peter LaBarbera.

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