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April 25, 2006

Drive-By Blogging

Malbug_13Miserable old troll Mike Rogers, the Abu Musab al-Zarqawi of the gay blogosphere, is up to his old tricks.  I'm not sure what to call it anymore, because it isn't really even an "outing" campaign: His latest victim was never "in."  (And no, Mike, it isn't "reporting."  Your partisan hackery is a brown santorum stain on real journalists everywhere.)

The case for the prosecution this time seems to be that his target works for a guy who doesn't want the international community to be associated with a group that has had past ties to pedophiles, and he's also supposedly a bit brusque – according to a hard-left New York publication, that is.  Rogers apparently hasn't worked with many PR folks before.

Mike Rogers eats up to three square meals a day.  Meanwhile, 842 million innocent people are starving around the globe.

There truly is no justice in this world.

April 11, 2006

Winners: A Million Brokebacks Later

Malbug_13OK, I have settled on a prize for Michael from Knoxville, Tenn., our One Millionth Visitor here at The Malcontent.  Actually, it's a two-parter.

Michael will receive a $200 gift certificate from Amazon.com, but he will also receive an amplified "voice."  I had decided to give the winner one year with a prominent link on The Malcontent to any site of his/her choosing, whether that be a blog, a political candidate, or a favorite cause, as long as it wasn't a hate site or objectionable as deemed by my own subjective criteria.

Michael has chosen "antiwar.com," which seems to be a coalescing point for extreme isolationist views from both the left and right.  While a quick glance yielded article after article with which I vehemently disagree, I'm not calling the shots here.  Congrats to Michael and to antiwar.com, and thanks once again to all of our readers.  Robbie and I feel very lucky to be part of such a great virtual community.

As for our other recent contest, find out "Who's the Brokeback-est of Them All" after the jump ...

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Playing on Another Field


Corey Johnson steps from the out-athlete limelight and into politics.

April 07, 2006

Who Needs Laws, Anyway?

Malbug_13First Gavin Newsom thumbed his nose at California's gay-marriage ban, now he says he will flout any federal immigration law he disagrees with.

Whether you agree or disagree with either of those laws (or potential laws) is irrelevant, but Newsom is a fart-smelling nitwit – albeit a very attractive one.  (I also blame his entirely incorrect tactics on gay marriage for much of the political blowback that eventually followed, far more than I blame Massachusetts judges.)

Slight Curve Ahead

Malbug_13Queer Beacon has funny road signs.

The 1.609-Kilometer-High Club


I'll admit that I look at YouTube a bit the way Ma and Pa at the corner store look at WalMart: We're small-timers at this video thing, but we like to think the quality and focus of our clips keep people coming back.

And, of course, we are not a faceless, soulless Web goliath.  We love our readers.  Heart

That said, I thought this French PSA was as effective as it was hot.  And it could never air in this puritanical country (which goes without saying that it's NSFW):

[Thanks, Neil!]

April 05, 2006

Down Goes Tyra!


The "Insider/Entertainment Tonight" nexus is always good for a laugh or two.

Tonight, "The Insider" covered John Travolta and Kelly Preston's freakish Scientology crusade against the use of psychotropic drugs – which Travolta mispronounced, as in, "Psycho Tropic of Cancer."  Appallingly, the show did so with a straight face, even billing the wackos' harmful work as "humanitarian."

It's a little hard to take Travolta seriously when he gives the name of a website as "fight-for-kids-dot-organization."  (And is it really a surprise that he will be playing a role made famous by Divine?)

And then on "Entertainment Tonight," we were provided with a cruel tease regarding Tyra Banks fainting spell on "America's Next Top Model," which was to air tonight.

What caused it?  Did Tyra not eat enough grains of rice for dinner?  Was her Victoria's Secret bra on too tight?  Did the helium that was holding her head aloft finally escape through her ears?

Apparently she was "acting."  I guess you have to "act" when you're a model.

[Watch video – 2:47, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 2:47, WMV format, low bandwidth]

Beach Boys

Click to make fig leaves disappear (obviously NSFW)


Before there was Herb Ritts, there was Mel Roberts.

Roberts was a prolific photographer of the male form.  In the 1960s and 1970s, he focused on many of the beach bums and surfers who were discovering the sexual revolution on and off the sands of Southern California.  He was profiled on a recent episode of "Sexplorations" on the "Here! TV" network.

Many of the models were friends and lovers of Roberts, a World War II veteran and gay activist who founded California's chapter of the pioneering Mattachine Society.

In the late 1970s, the L.A. Police Department raided his home twice and confiscated prints and equipment, which were eventually returned.  (Frontal male nudity was generally considered obscene at the time.)  In 1981, he hung up his camera for good, but he helped pave the way for other notable photographers who celebrated male beauty.

His photographs have been collected in books including "California Boys" and "The Wild Ones."

The video of the segment follows, and some very much NSFW photos are after the jump.

[Watch video – 5:37, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 5:37, WMV format, low bandwidth]

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April 04, 2006

Ryan, Rock, and the Rest

Malbug_13"Access Hollywood" served up some homo-rific clips tonight.  First the breaking news (OK, that's what "Entertainment Tonight" would call it, anyway) that Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest are not dating.  (See also Starpulse, via Queerty.)  I'll wait for you all to self-administer CPR over that one before I continue.

Then the three fabulous gals of 9 to 5 sat down to promote the release of that movie's DVD, 26 years after the Dolly Parton's jugs made their silver screen debut.  Who knew that she could play any instrument, including her manicure?

And finally, Linda Evans discusses the kiss that "Rocked" Hollywood.  How far we have come from all that hysteria.

[Watch video – 4:18, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 4:18, WMV format, low bandwidth]




Self-Loathing Alert

Malbug_13Angry queer still implying that "gay" is the worst possible thing one can be.

Everything's Coming Up Rosie

Malbug_13Rosie_odonnell The four years that have elapsed since Rosie O'Donnell's talk show left the air haven't been too kind to the woman known as the "Queen of Nice."

During that time, her magazine imploded, her stand-up career became basically a carbon copy of Kathy Griffin's, she starred in an extremely grating TV movie, she got a really bad haircut, and she took a $10 million bath when her Broadway show was hooted off West 45th Street.

But last night on The Tonight Show, as she plugged an HBO special premiering Thursday night about her "R Family Vacations" venture, I began to feel a pang of remorse.

Rosie has been awfully easy to kick around for reasons including some of her more outlandish public statements and reports about the way she treats staff and her rivals in private.  But there is something refreshing about someone who is so unapologetically gay in mainstream media and entertainment that is lacking even in people like Ellen DeGeneres, who is generally gay only for the occasional gay-press article.  (Before the flamers arrive, let it be known that I love Ellen DeGeneres.)

Few people have the courage to go on a show like Jay Leno's and even-headedly talk about the merits of gay adoption.  I'm not exactly a disinterested third party in terms of these issues, but I have to think that she is a great spokeswoman for these causes when she wants to be.

(There was also a nice moment when she bantered with her blog-pal, "Ross, the Tonight Show Intern," that was sure to warm bloggers' hearts everywhere.  LOL!)

So mark us down with Queerty on this one:

We think it's time for Rosie to come back in style, we love her and she's been away for long enough.

It's probably long past time for Rosie's penance to end.

[Watch video – 13:10, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 13:10, WMV format, low bandwidth]

Homo-Hop Update

Malbug_13Mirror_boiyzWe here at The Malcontent have a particular affinity for gays and gay-friendly allies who tend to swim against the current.  Like Christian denominations that actually embrace gays as children of God.  Or hip-hop artists who are gay or who promote positive messages about groups to which rap traditionally has been hostile.

So I'm happy to point out a couple of pieces of homo-hop news:

First, ArjanWrites has an interview and some free downloads from the molto fabuloso "Mirror Boiyz."

And second, our friend Qboy (linked above) will be featured April 7 across the pond in the European premiere of "Pick Up the Mic," a new documentary about the homo-hop movement opening at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

Phat props, yo!

April 03, 2006

Willie ♥s Cowboys Who ♥ Willies





Malbug_13A week after debuting Rufus Wainwright's Brokeback-related song, Logo's "NewNowNext" premiered a video that's a little more closely related to the subject matter.

Willie Nelson's "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other)," which hit iTunes on Valentine's Day, is now a delightfully campy music video.

The premise is a "video within a video," with hot cowboy line dancers under Willie's watchful eye and directed by a strangely swishy Burt Reynolds.  (I smell yet another career resurgence for the toupeed one.)

But damn Logo for keeping that idiotic "TV-PG" disclaimer over Burt's face for far too long at the beginning!  It's bad enough that the censorious prigs in our nation made the networks adopt the TV ratings system in the first place, but they really don't have to piss all over artistic integrity in the process.

Once again, the high-res version is in double the normal MalcoVision resolution.

[Watch video – 5:39, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 5:39, WMV format, low bandwidth]

March 31, 2006

For the Love of God, Please Hide Your Freak Flag


Those of you who are upset that you didn't get to see Britney Spears last night on "Will & Grace" weren't missing much, except maybe for your chance to savage her thespian-lesbian act.

Surprise, surprise, the ultra-conservative co-host of "Jack Talk" was a dyke.  But her acting chops were so weak that I wouldn't have believed Britney as a lesbian, even if she had given Karen Walker's carpet the ol' steam-cleaning.

On the other hand, the character Britney was reportedly supposed to play might have been infinitely more entertaining.

The overnight rating (5.6) was a bit above the 4.0 average "Will & Grace" had been pulling in January, but the episode was a cringe-fest.  I think I laughed once, and that was probably at something Wanda Sykes said.  (I didn't include her in this clip, though.  Gotta cut somewhere.)

I know there are only a few episodes left, but can they drag this thing out behind the barn with a shotgun now?

[Watch video – 9:56, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 9:56, WMV format, low bandwidth]

"A" Is for Alcohol "Adam"

Adam_logo_1 Malbug_13If you're a New York 'mo and you find yourself heartily applauding this guy (at least until his thesis goes all agnostic at the end), then read no further.

But if you're like me – a young-ish professional looking for more ways to meet quality guys in low-pressure settings, and without DJs whose main goal seems to be wreaking permanent damage on your central nervous system – then listen up:

In November, I attended the launch of the Adam New York social network, which was founded by a pleasant young Brit named David Marrinan-Hayes.  There is an online component to Adam at the soon-to-be upgraded website, but there are also monthly real-world get-togethers for those of us who can sever our cyber-umbilicals for a few hours.

The group is open to anyone who lives in, works in or just wants to visit Manhattan to meet like-minded professionals.  It is diverse, friendly and not particularly cruisy – an environment that, ironically, probably makes the cruising easier.

The first Adam gathering started with about 20 people, which has since grown exponentially, leading David to move it to a larger venue in the ultra-swanky Soho House.  David was kind enough to allow The Malcontent to extend 100 invitations (and possibly more if demand is great) to the next get-together:

7 to 11 p.m.
Wednesday, April 12
"The Library" at
Soho House
29-35 9th Avenue
New York, NY  10014

If you would like to attend, you can either register directly online at www.thisisadam.com or email [email protected], and remember to drop our name.  The first 50 attendees get a free glass of bubbly.

Be there, and maybe you'll launch your career as gay New York's next It Boy!

March 30, 2006

Malconsumer Reports: "Boy Butter"

Eyal Malbug_13The field of personal lubricant products these days seems more crowded than ever.  New entrepreneurs are constantly springing up like kudzu to claim their piece of a lube pie worth more than $6.8 quadrillion in sales in the United States alone.  Every month.  And that's just for my house.  (Ba-DUM-bum!)

But seriously, today's savvy lube purveyor is looking for a combination of marketability and quality to help him stand out from the crowd, resulting in a host of product names that are double entendres.  Hell, most of them are so blatant, they're single entendres.

One man who thinks his cream will rise to the top is the hunky Eyal Feldman, founder of and spokesmodel for "Boy Butter."  (By the way, anything you buy at CheapLubes.com, my retailer of choice, is 10 percent off until April 6, if you use the discount code Bunny10.)

Recently, Eyal sent me a sample of his product to give it a test drive, claiming that it would be "life-changing."  (I know, few of you probably want to think of The Malcontent as a sexual creature, but a guy has needs!)

So can Boy Butter make me part with my beloved Pjur Eros?  Find out after the jump.

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Hot Times

Malbug_13It's never too early for summer at A&F.  The retailer's new summer collection is out, with the requisite half-naked men to go with it.





March 29, 2006

Idol Postscript

Malbug_13Queerty digs up a reason why you might not want to support Mandisa.  Damn.  I used to love that BBW.

Meanwhile, GayPatriot is on the same page with us about where "Idol" seems headed.  The husband and I were sitting on the sofa last night critiquing each contestant, as per usual, and we could predict virtually every word that was spoken by Simon Cowell, the only truly honest judge.  The song choices were baffling, the performances were shockingly bad, and even the potential winners are starting to look like losers.

My bottom three tonight: Lisa Tucker, Ace, and Kellie Pickler (although I think America will choose Bucky).




Answer: Crossroads.

Heckuva Puzzling Interview, Brownie

Brownie Malbug_13I was filled with a mixture of pity and revulsion as Stephen Colbert interviewed Mike "Brownie" Brown, former head of FEMA, last night.

On one hand, he seemed completely willing to accept the mantle of whipping boy for the debacle of the response to Hurricane Katrina, despite the evident culpability of a host of characters.  On the other hand, whether he was joking or not, he seemed comfortable having the blame shifted to his former boss, DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff.

Brown's glib attempts to make light of his situation and his nervous laughter were more than a little disgusting, even in the context of a comedy show.  I kept thinking about the hundreds of needless deaths, and here was this guy who was in charge of coordinating the federal response chortling away on national TV just five months later.  It merely reinforced perceptions of the ineptness that precipitated his downfall.

Yes, FEMA was but one player in the Katrina cluster-fuck.  Compounding the mistakes of a brainless FEMA administrator were also a feckless governor and a clueless mayor.  (Katrina was a tragic "perfect storm" in many ways.)

But if Brown's goal last night was to rehabilitate his character and integrity, then I don't think he did himself any favors.

[Watch video – 7:11, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 7:11, WMV format, low bandwidth]

Of course, it wouldn't be a "Colbert Report" without some hilarious allusion to homosexuality.  Colbert brought out a thinly disguised David Cross as "ultra left-wing radio talk show host Russ Lieber," putatively to discuss school vouchers.

But the interview soon morphed into a bizarre and tangled debate on gay adoption.  See for yourself.

[Watch video – 4:46, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 4:46, WMV format, low bandwidth]