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August 05, 2005

Prince of Darkness Abdicates Set

Malbug_16Novak The Prince of Darkness, Robert Novak, crawled out from his rock long enough to offend the Red State voters who hang on his every word, then went home.

During an exchange about Rep. Katherine Harris on CNN's Inside Politics with James Carville, Novak got angry and stormed off the set, saying "This is bullshit!" and ripping off his lavaliere microphone.  Novak apparently didn't want to address the too-close-for-comfort topic of PlameGate, which host Ed Henry was planning to breach.

Media Matters has the video.

TV Squad reports on Jon Stewart's schoolboy reaction.

Is it possible for CNN to hire a conservative pundit who isn't either a paleocon crank like Novak or a milquetoast veal like the now-departed Tucker Carlson?  Sounds like they now might try.

Not very princely, Bob!