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August 03, 2005

Johnny Knoxville Lip-Locks Jessica?


Knoxvillesimpson2Johnny Knoxville withstood a withering lie-detector grilling this morning on Howard Stern's radio show, fessing up to usage of both drugs and the "N-word."  While he was deemed truthful about never having bedded his Dukes of Hazzard costar Jessica Simpson, the polygraph said he lied about never having "tongue-kissed" the blonde beauty.  (Apparently that's what he was doing when not flashing his balls to Seann William Scott.)

The very married Knoxville adamantly denied ever having cheated on his his wife because she has "a big frying pan."

Meanwhile, Cindy Adams shovels more coal into the red-hot rumor boiler about  the demise of the Simpson-Lachey marriage (Aug. 3).