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August 10, 2005

NARAL Plays Dubious Game of Moral Superiority


For an organization that advocates the right to kill the unborn anywhere, anytime, NARAL is sure playing a dangerous game in trying to assert moral superiority for the tactics they are employing against SCOTUS nominee John Roberts.

After being exposed as playing extremely fast and loose with the truth, NARAL is now attacking its attackers.

NARAL released an ad accusing Roberts of "supporting ... a convicted clinic bomber."  Problem is, the case in question occurred seven years before the bombing occurred.  As FactCheck.org, not exactly a partisan ax-grinder, points out, the ad at best leaves a "false implication" about Roberts' supporting violence.

NARAL's defense, however, amounts to little more than Gore-like legalisms -- lame excuses as to how the ad might be somewhat true on its face, while ignoring the false but logical inferences they are looking for viewers to draw from the slick juxtaposition of text, narration and video.

Read the FactCheck analysis for yourself.  Any dispassionate person should agree that the pro-abortion crowd has jerked a foul ball deep into the stands on this one.  If this is the best the loony left can gin up in their campaign against the "insert name here" nominee, then Judge Roberts should find it smooth sailing on his way to the bench.

There are eerie echos of the scurrilous and inflammatory NAACP/James Byrd ads against George Bush in 2000.  The left should be ashamed of itself.