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December 21, 2005

The Carver, Unmasked


Bruno Campos shirtless3A number of series regulars were brought in for questioning on last night's season finale of Nip/Tuck as part of Kit's quest to stop the Carver before he/she kills again.

Regular readers will know that I have suspected since at least September that Bruno Campos's character, Dr. Quentin Costa, is the deranged serial attacker.  But was I right?

MalcoVision has some spoiler-ific clips for you after the jump, and more pictures of Bruno Campos shirtless.

(The picture at right was a photo composite I made from two screen grabs showing a key image of him from the episode.  Don't worry, though, it would not have helped matters if they had panned down any farther.  Believe me.)

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December 07, 2005

Late Night Traffic

4 AM. Waiting for massive doses of caffeine to wear off. Why not check to see who's reading us and why?

Yeah. Sometimes how people arrive here disturbs me. Not one person, either. Many. Many many.

Very amusing.

But very disturbing =)

And to answer the question. Yes, yes he did.

November 30, 2005

Quentin Bites Some Pillow







While Christian was busy playing "put the candle in the pumpkin" with a fat girl wearing a paper bag, last night we finally got to see Dr. Quentin Costa's O-face.

Hunkalicious Brazilian Bruno Campos's character on "Nip/Tuck" belatedly lived up to his advance billing as a bisexual in an episode in which he gets his keg tapped by a closeted military hero – played by Bryce Johnson, a cutie himself.  (Uh huh, corporal, we get it: You're not a faggot!)

The pipe-cleaning is witnessed by Dr. McNamara, who in recounting the four-legged frolic to his ex-wife (and Quentin's thus far platonic girlfriend) lets rip with one of the best lines on TV during all of November.

Has basic cable in the U.S. ever before shown such graphic man-on-man mattress mambo?  "Queer As Folk" and "Dante's Cove" come to mind, but you have to pay for those.

Digression with potential SPOILER: I would note that message boards are starting to pick up on a theory that I first propounded more than two months ago: that Quentin and the Carver (who made a chilling cameo last night, the context of which I also predicted [privately] last week) are one and the same.

If true, I will feel vindicated, but also more than a little depressed that such one of the smartest and edgiest TV show ever would resort to the old Hollywood trope conflating homosexuals/bisexuals with depraved killers or criminals.  [/digression]

Warning: The following clip does not contain graphic nudity but is still not 100 percent SFW nonetheless.

[Watch video – 4:19, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 4:19, WMV format, low bandwidth]

September 28, 2005

Gayest Show Ever?



If you haven't seen the first two episodes of Nip/Tuck this season and prefer to be surprised, then stop reading.  But if you want to learn how this brainchild of series creator Ryan Murphy is fast becoming the gayest show on television – perhaps ever – then read on.

Queer As Folk has exited stage right and The L Word is not yet back from hiatus, but even taking those two shows into account, Nip/Tuck is moving aggressively to cover the entire GLBT waterfront, quite literally, in a way like none other before it.

The facts:

GChristian (Julian McMahon) still deals with the emotional and physical scars of what was revealed to be not just a slashing, but anal rape at the hands of a serial attacker known as "The Carver."  In a scene from the season premiere, Christian sits naked in the shower as a tell-tale trickle of blood slowly flows into the drain.

JohnhensleyMeanwhile, Matt (an 18-year-old character played by 28-year-old John Hensley) begins to question his sexuality after a revelation discussed below.

He starts smoking major weed.

His grandmother, Erica (Vanessa Redgrave), sits him down and basically tells him it's OK if he's gay, that he must be his "authentic self."

L_1Liz (Roma Maffia) is an anesthesiologist who is a lesbian.

Kimber (Kelly Carlson) is Christian's current girlfriend who also has a girlfriend of her own, resulting in lots of threesome fun for the randy Christian.

Brunocampos_1B Brazilian dreamboat Bruno Campos (best known as Christina Applegate's flame on NBC's departed sitcom Jesse) has joined the cast full-time.

He plays Dr. Quentin Costa, a smooth-talking bisexual who is brought in to bolster Sean (Dylan Walsh) and Christian's SoFla plastic-surgery practice during Christian's recovery.  (Incidentally, I suspect him to be The Carver.  Both Costa and Carver have sexy baritones, and both enjoy "the company of men."  There's a whole strange interplay I see among the three male surgeons, but it's not worth going into here.)

TMatt has been having an affair with Ava (Famke Janssen).  In episode two this season, it was revealed to Matt that Ava is actually a transsexual who was one of his father's (Sean or Christian, depending on one's definition of "father") clients.

Trouble is, Matt really seems to dig the whole trans thing, which all causes him to begin freaking out.  He goes to a trans bar, picks up a shemale, then beats her to a bloody pulp after he learns she still has a penis.  (Dude, you were in a trans bar.)  Then he shaves off all his hair, which Sean takes as a desperate assertion of masculinity.

Nip/Tuck is every bit as daring as QAF, and even more so for a basic-cable series.  It uses about every word in the book except for the F word (and I haven't heard the C word yet), but there is plenty of skin and same-sex kissing.  (Remember when such things were unheard of on American television?)

Teal is the new black, and with the dispatching of Valerie Cherish and other missteps, FX is quickly becoming the new HBO.