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April 27, 2006


Malbug_13Sometimes I think "South Park" is getting so bizarre that it will soon resemble its first season about as much as Kenny Rogers today resembles Kenny Rogers from 20 years ago.

Their effort to bring back Towelie last week in a James Frey parody was a painful face-plant of an episode.  While last night's show was funnier, it was no less perplexing.  Follow this, if you can:

The boys run into former Vice President Al Gore, now totally friendless, who has ditched his obsession with global warming in order to relentlessly pursue, Captain Ahab-like, a creature known only as ManBearPig.  The hunt takes them to the "Cave of the Winds," which could just as easily be called the "Cave of the Mistaken Penises."  There is a rock slide, and the boys are trapped.  And at some point, Cartman begins shitting copious quantities of lost treasure.

Really, I'm being totally serial!

I'm not sure how much it helps to see it for yourself, but I thought that at least the cave bit was funny.

[Watch video – 2:59, WMV format, high bandwidth]

[Watch video – 2:59, WMV format, low bandwidth]

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