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May 03, 2006



Ok, now that's gayer than a calvin klien ad.


You should check out Apple's SF store, cute young sales associates, very gay!


I'm on my way.


LOL. I am a PC guy, but when I pass by the Apple store I am often tempted to step in for a look-see.


He could switch me to top him...


I'm not so beholden to my PC that I'm not open to a little . . . persuasion.


We both concluded that he would be fun to wrestle with.

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Sounds like a plan to me
Anyway, My bro felt it was about time My bro posted

mbts on sale

I loved them until the back strap broke just two months after I bought them. We'll see how well MBT does at repair!

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At least treatment is well and nice.

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